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本文摘要:If youve ever felt threatened walking home late at night, chances are youve phoned a loved one to make sure they know youre safe.如果你深夜步行回家时深感惧怕,你近于有可能向你爱人的人打电话,向他们报平安。

If youve ever felt threatened walking home late at night, chances are youve phoned a loved one to make sure they know youre safe.如果你深夜步行回家时深感惧怕,你近于有可能向你爱人的人打电话,向他们报平安。But making calls not only makes your phone a target for thieves, it can also distract you from your surroundings, putting you at greater risk.但是打电话不仅不会曝露手机沦为骗子的目标,还不会集中你对周围环境的注意力,将自己置放更加危险性的境地。Now theres an app that lets your family or friends track your journey and will call for help automatically if it senses youre in trouble.现在有一款应用于能让家人或朋友理解你的旅途足迹,当感应器到你遇上危险性时,自动求助。


Called Companion, the main feature that distinguishes it from other tracking and GPS apps, such as Apples Find My Friends, is its Are you OK? button.这款应用于取名为“同伴”(Companion)。该应用于的主要特色“你就让吗?”(“Are you OK?”)按钮使它与其他行迹和GPS应用于有所不同。Before setting off on a journey, users input their starting point, their destination and a designated companion.抵达前,用户输出出发点和起点,然后许可一位“同伴”。

This can be anyone in the users contacts book, and they dont need to have the app installed.这个“同伴”可以是用户通讯录里的任何一个人,而他们不用加装此应用于。The companion can then track the phones GPS to see where their loved one is at any time, while the app will periodically show a button on the users home screen asking Are you OK?然后这位“同伴”就可以追踪手机的GPS随时理解他们爱人的人所在的方位,而同时应用于不会定点在用户的主屏幕上表明一个按钮,告知“你就让吗?”。


If they dont press the button within 15 seconds, the companion is sent an alert.如果用户15秒内没按下按钮,登录的“同伴”就不会接到警告。The user is also given the option to call the police from within the app.而在用户的应用于中也不会经常出现报警的选项。

Elsewhere, the app can detect if a person has been running, or headphones have been removed from the audio jack suggesting the phone has been dropped, for example.此外,这款应用于还可以检测一个人否在跳跃,或者耳机否从插孔里开裂,这有可能指出手机早已丢弃了。If this happens, the Are you OK? button appears and the 15-second countdown starts automatically.如果这种情况再次发生,“你就让吗?”按钮就不会经常出现,然后自动开始15秒的倒计时。

Companion is free for iOS and Android devices and users need to enter their mobile number to sign up to the service.苹果与安卓设备可以免费用于“同伴”,用户必须输出手机号码登记来取得此服务。Although the app was designed in the US, it works with international numbers when they are prefixed with their countrys code.尽管这款应用于是在美国设计的,但是只要在前面输出国家代码,全世界的手机号码都可以用于。Companion lets you reach out to family, friends or your campus police and have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night, explained the apps makers.应用于设计者说道,“当你深夜时分独自时,‘同伴’可以维持你与家人、朋友或校园警员的联系,他们可以动态留意你的动态。”If you start running, dont make it to your destination on time, have your headphones yanked out or your phone falls to the ground, we will check in on you to make sure everything is okay.“如果你开始跳跃、没准时到达目的地、耳机忽了出来或者手机丢弃到地上,我们都会尝试联系你,证实你一切安好。

”You can also report areas that make you uneasy. Simply tap the I Feel Nervous button and well pass this information on [the authorities].“你也可以检举令其你深感不安全性的地方。很非常简单,按‘我深感紧绷’按钮,我们不会把涉及信息表达给有关部门。

”Companion is similar to SafeTrek, an app that uses the pressure sensor of smartphone touchscreens to create an alarm that will call for help if the user lifts their finger off.“同伴”和SafeTrek功能相近。SafeTrek是一款利用智能手机触屏压力感应器的应用于,当用户用力手指时,应用于不会收到大喊的警报。


Removing a finger triggers a screen asking for a four-digit pin code and if it is not entered it alerts the police and directs them to the users location.卡住手指不会启动时一个拒绝用户输出四位的PIN字节的屏幕,如果不输出PIN码,应用于就不会通报警方并提示他们抵达用户的方位。



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